ICT solutions for agriculture, forestry and environment

ICT for agriculture, forestry and environment

This project addresses innovative ICT solutions and research for "green" and sustainable agriculture, forestry and environment.


We are using reserach and innovative ICT technology with the aim to put information services and products on an international market.

Focus areas


This project uses recent and new technology and research can be used to meet the needs of the users and stakeholders in the fields of agriculture, forestry and environment.


Apica stresses the importance of focusing on users' needs. The users adressed, and who will benefit from the results from this project, are working in areas including agriculture, forestry and environment. Also consumers who are buying and consuming products from these areas will benefit from the results.


Indeed the environment and the whole society will benefit from more sustainable and green solutions.

News and call for participation

After the first successful phase, we are now setting up phase two of the project and we would like to invite stakeholders. In particular farmers in Sweden who would like to participate as a test site are welcome.


You are welcome to contact us either you wish to participate actively or if you just wish to get informed about the progress of the work. We foresee the need for further resources so investors are also welcome to contact us.

What can Apica do for you? You are welcome to contact us, and we will listen to your needs and discuss the possibilities to work together.


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